Mixed species mushroom granulate

King Boletus - 30%
Orange-capped Boletes - 20%
Birch Boletes - 20%
Bay Boletus - 10%
Butter Mushrooms - 10%
Bovine Boletes - 10%

Granulated mushrooms are particularly useful to prepare dishes for which dried mushrooms must be soaked in water and then ground up.

Using the granulate you reduce the time you spend preparing these dishes. When making a mushroom soup or a sauerkraut and mushroom stew, it is enough to add granulate at the final stage of cooking. Whereas, preparing mushroom sauce, stuffing for dumplings or a pizza topping, it is recommended to make a "pulp" (using 1 part of the granulate and 4 parts of water).

Boil the pulp and add it to the a/m dishes to taste, at your own discretion.